Spraying Equipment









Mercury Trailer

  • Heavy duty integrated tank and chassis

  • High performance symmetrical fan

  • Heavy duty gear box

  • Fan straightening vanes

  • Synthetic fan blades

  • Nozzle located outside airstream

  • Safer dual core, poly fan housing
  • 5 step surface treatment

  • UV resistant polyethylene tank

  • Sizes 2300, 3300, and 4000L.

  • Heavy duty mistblower with fan

  • Designed highly tuned to deliver more uniform air






  • 1000L & 1200L tanks, 6, 8, 12m booms

  • Single axle with suspension

  • Floatation tires 10R x 15 profile

  • Diaphragm pump

  • Electric pressure & solenoid section control

  • Double sided foam marker

  • Trapeze & air-bag suspension standard on 12m boom

  • Optional air-bag suspension




Ranger Grassland

  • Ideally suited to pasture renovation and small cereals cropping
  • 2200 litre capacity
  • FALCON boom widths from 12 to 16m
  • Lowest centre of gravity in its class
  • Strong intergration of chassis, axle and paralift towers
  • 60cm under-axle crop clearance
  • 1.56 to 2.32m track width adjustable
  • 0.5 to 1.75 paralift boom height control
  • Manifold valve fluid control
  • Easy control over filing and cleaning
  • Tank cleaning with optional 250L flush tank and rinse nozzles
  • Flush tank intergration over the axle to optimise weight distribution
  • 19L intergrated clean water tank
  • Easy and safe access to the platform
  • Excellent content agitation
  • Self priming positive displacement diaphragm pump can run dry without damage
  • Self cleaning CyloneFilter
  • High capacity chemical transfer with optional ChemFiller